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Babergh Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan Update

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils recently voted to approve an updated Joint Local Development Scheme 2022-2025 which will be brought into effect from 31st October 2022.


The Local Development Scheme sets out the Councils timetable for adopting new planning documents which will help guide development in the areas of Babergh District Council and Mid Suffolk District Council. The Councils have been working together on a Joint Local Plan, which was submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in March 2021 for independent Examination.


In December 2021 as part of this Examination, the Inspectors undertaking the Examination wrote to the Councils setting out a proposed way forward for the Joint Local Plan in light of concerns around the process of identifying suitable sites to take future housing development. Inevitably this has led to considerable delay to the process and it was proposed that the Joint Local Plan be split into two parts to try to minimise disruption.


The Part 1 Plan will set out the vision and objectives for development in the two Districts. It will contain a set of strategic and local policies to guide development in the period to 2037.


The Part 2 Plan will focus on key matters including:

• An up-to-date settlement hierarchy;
• A spatial distribution of any housing allocations;
• Housing requirement figures for Neighbourhood Plan areas;
• Site allocations;
• Up-to-date settlement boundaries reflecting commitments and allocations;


An Issues and Options public consultation is expected to be held on the Part 2 Plan by summer 2023.


We would be delighted to hear from you if you have land to put forward for consideration or if you wish to make comments on the Councils preferred choices for development.


For further information on this and to discuss any related planning matters please contact our Head of Planning Dan Hewett


A copy of the Local Development Scheme can be viewed by following the link below: